Remember: Your optometrist can determine whether you have CHRONIC DRY EYE and what your treatment options are.
Try answering the following 6 questions to help in evaluating the presence of dry eye.

Are you using artificial tears often?

Yes No

Do you feel your use of artificial tears has increased over time?

Yes No

Have you experienced any of the following symptoms during the last week?

Yes No
– Sensitivity to light
– Eyes that feel gritty
– Painful or sore eyes
– Blurred vision
– Poor vision

Have you experienced difficulties performing any of the following during the last week?

Yes No
– Reading
– Driving at night
– Working on a computer
– Watching TV
– Wearing contact lenses

Do your dry eyes interfere with any of your leisure or work-related activities?

Yes No

Would you like to discuss more treatment options with your eye doctor?

Yes No

If you answered “yes,” to any of these questions, make an appointment to see Dr. Landrio at her office:
2126 Merrick Mall
Merrick, NY


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