Thinking about seeing some fireworks this 4th of July? Think safety, especially if you have children nearby. Nearly half of the 9,000 fireworks injuries in the U.S. each year occur in children under age 15.

Eyes are the most frequently injured body part—with more than 15 percent of thse injuries resulting in permanent vision loss or blindness. Sparklers, which typically burn at 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, cause the most injuries often because kids handle them on their own.

Out-of-control bottle rockets cause some of the most serious eye injuries that can lead to blindness, including scratched corneas, detached retinas, and a ruptured eyeball.

For this reason, Dr. Landrio recommends attending a professional public fireworks display instead of using fireworks on your own.

All fireworks are illegal for consumers to use in New York—including firecrackers, sparklers, and cherry bombs. If you do plan to use them in a state where they’re legal, you should follow strict safety precautions to protect your body and your eyes.

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