Botox FAQs – Part 2

Botox FAQs - Part 2

Q: How many Botox treatments are needed before you see results, does it hurt, and what is the healing period and aftercare?
A: When injected appropriately, the results will be seen after the first treatment. Botox takes two to four days before the muscle weakening effect takes place. The maximum effect occurs at about 10 to 14 days. The effect then lasts up to three months. Pain and discomfort depends on one’s tolerance for needle injections around the face. There is typically no “healing period and aftercare.” Most physicians suggest that the areas of injection should not be rubbed or manipulated for a few hours after the injections.

Q: Who can perform Botox?
A: Botox is a prescription drug. It is administered by a physician or his/her designee (eg, nurse, physician assistant, aesthetician).

Q: I’m 62 years old and Botox isn’t achieving the same results on me as it did in the past. At what point does Botox become ineffective in treating deep-set wrinkles and skin sagging?
A: There is no defined limit to the number of injections one can have. However, the body’s immune system is capable of developing antibodies to the Botox molecule which can render it ineffective at some point in the future.

Q: Is it true that the more I have Botox, the less I need to use it?
A: This has been a topic of discussion among many physicians. Muscles that are not used tend to atrophy and weaken over time. Muscles that have been continually injected with Botox may actually fall into this category and produce a similar effect. This might result in using less Botox.

Q: Is anesthesia used for the procedure? I’m a bit of a chicken when it comes to needles!
A: Some doctors will anesthetize the surface of the skin with a topical anesthetic cream. This makes the stick of the needle much more tolerable.


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