Every day thousands of car accidents occur throughout the US for a multitude of reasons. However, and perhaps surprisingly, some studies indicate that as many as half of all traffic accidents involved sun glare as a cause. And while a majority of sun glare accidents occur in the early spring and fall when the sun sets directly west, glare off of icy and snowy roads during the depths of winter are a noticeable threat as well.

Historically, these types of accidents are especially dangerous because they typically occur when the weather is seemingly great and, consequently, drivers are less wary of anything going awry. In fact, many glare accidents involve multiple vehicles for exactly this reason – as was the case of a four-car accident that occurred in the Capital District last fall.

Likewise, glare accidents often involve pedestrians who drivers claim they just “never saw.” Naturally, when the bright sun hits a driver’s windshield at just the right angle, their ability to see a pedestrian in the road is dramatically reduced.

Here are a few tips to reduce the possibility of a mid-winter accident caused by glare:

Be aware! If the sun is bright, heighten your attention to the road, other drivers, and the possibility of pedestrians.
Keep a quality pair of sunglasses accessible in your car.
Avoid using an interior polish on your dashboard that leaves a shiny residue.
Be sure to check your windshield washer fluid on a regular basis.
Clean your windshield frequently.


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