The truth is that the eyes of young people need EXTRA protection to help prevent ocular issues that can occur later in life (i.e. Cataracts). An ounce of prevention goes a long way when it comes to UV light. There’s an easy explanation. The eyes of young people do not have maximum internal protection to provide mature levels of UV blocking. An 8 year old gets up to 75% of UVA transmission (damaging light rays). By 13 years old, only 60% of those damaging rays will penetrate. At 17 years, 41% of those UVA/damaging rays will penetrate. Finally, by the time we think about getting sunglasses at 25 years old, only 5% of those rays will penetrate. Just think of that….by 17 years old, you’ve lost 17 years of protecting your eyes from harmful light rays.


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